>Miss USA 2010 Hot Pictures Scandal


Once again, pageantry scandal has struck. Instead of a Bible humping (typo but it stays) contestant stripping down in some topless photos, we have the Miss USA contestants stripping down in a photo shoot done by the pageant and placed on the Miss USA website. The pictures are hardly scandalous, but conservative people with a case of the angries started calling in with complaints.
This is why I signed a petition for government issued vibrators. Inappropriate? Maybe, but a contest in which girls are judged on appearance in swim suits hardly screams moral fiber. They should be complaining about how tacky some of these look Miss Tennessee looks like she is auditioning for a spot on ‘Rock of Love.’
It’s not a pageant until someone takes their top off.

[Keep Clicking Thumbnails for a Larger Image]
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Images Via: Miss USA
source : http://hollywooddame.com/

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