>Bussy Street Of Mumbai Allowed a Woman To Lie Naked For A Day


Though Mumbai is a vast city people are so bussy that they hardly fin time to look around and see is someone are in need of the. On Monday night, stark naked woman was allowed to lie bang on a busy road in Powai for several hours. She was of 20 year old and was laying near the upmarket of Hiranandani Gardens complex. some of the residential were out on a post-dinner walk,But nobody cared to help or enquire about her. Finally, a local shop assistant partially covered her body with a gunny sack.Later the resident also came to help her,They called the police in order to secure her..
Around 11.40 pm the police van arrived and took her to Powai police station instead of taking her to the hospital. The police said that the girl appeared mentally retarded.They are planning to shift her to a woman’s home in Chembur.
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