Singapore Pop Diva Stefanie Sun Dazzles in Taipei Concerts…


Singapore hottest export, singer Stefanie Sun Yan Zi presented a stunning concert over the weekend at the Taipei Multi-Functional Arena Little Dome. The singer landed on the stage with a steel wire attached to her back and started the night with one of her hits “The Kite“. During the concert, Sun sang 25 songs and changed costumes nine times.

Instead of trying to avoid talking about the slips she made at the Taipei Golden Melody Awards in June, Sun bravely admitted that she didn’t perform well that night and felt very sorry for that. Actually, Sun had already made a public apology right after the Awards and hoped to sing the songs again in Taipei. Now after just a month, she’s again in Taipei.

Also part of the show the same night was Sun’s best friend, Taiwan singer Jolin Tsai. Jolin showed up in a black costume, joining the all white Sun in the song “Take Your Time”. Other stars like Leehom Wong, A-shin and Fish Leong also made appearances on stage.

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