Two Maid Caught Naked in Room

Accused of illegally confining his assistant, Maya and her sister Cici become angry. That’s what makes people Jl Platinum VII, Kel Land Six Hundred, Kec Medan Marelan behind it bluntly calls about two maids who are lesbian couples.

“We do not have to invite them to work to Malaysia. But now they are begging to see me in Tanjung Balai Karimun to find employment. Because compassion, good intentions so I took them to Singapore, “said Maya burning emotion.

Maya explained, his encounter with two women started from passing in the middle of the road. At that time, Maya is concerned to see that dress Ita uncontrollably and begging not to look for work. Maya and Cici then respond Ita intentions.

Why sleep hugging? Ita was again denied she was a woman of sexual deviations. “I swear. They were slanderous. It’s my style as a boy. How could I so with my cousin? If you do not believe, asked by Leha, “Ita said.

Leha is still below the age-old was also denied the allegations. “Taylor there was a bang. Yesterday we swear, but our employers who are afraid. Where possible we were lesbians, “said Leha. Earlier, the elder brother of the Maya, Cici Leha and Ita ever find in one room with a sexy dress conditions. When the two hugged.

“With my own eyes, they hugged each other naked. I said they were lesbians, but they do not want to admit. Up to disumpahkan for prayer, they run that afternoon. So it was indeed the basis of their insolence, “Cici upset..

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