>Naked Gymnastics – Thats Embarrassing!!

>by Tanya

This is by far the most embarrassing story of my life. I am a member of my school gymnastics team and we were preparing for an upcoming school meet. However as I was also lagging with my grades and my parents were not too happy about that, so I had to attend all the classes and do my assognments as well. As the day of the competition drew near, one day I stayed back till late to practice on the beams. Upon reaching the gym I realized that I had left my gym bag in the class room, and as I went back to the class room I found it closed. I looked around for the security but no one had the keys. I went to the gym next, to tell my coach about this, but found the gym empty. Suddenly a crazy idea struck me and I bolted the door from inside, stripped down to my undies and started warming up. After that I got on to the beam and practised my routine. Then as i was sweating my undies started to get wet, and I thought “what the hell” and took them off as well, and continued with my practise. At the end I was very satisfied at my effort, after a long and tiring day I was happy with my dedication. I dressed up quickly though I could not wipe off the sweat, and went out through the door. As soon as I went out, I heard the door opening again and I turned back and was petrified. From the doors emerged Arnie, a guy who was wooing me for sometime and I had turned him down. My jaws dropped as he walked upto me and said “I am sorry, I was watching you, but it was so wonderful that I didnt want to stop you.” He explained that he had just finished his workout and was in the mens shower room attached to the gym, and when he came out he saw me warming up in my undies. He then sat back behind a bench and watched me. I was so ashamed that I ran off, and next day onwards others started calling me the “nude gymnastics queen”, and imagine the embarrassment I had to bear in school … 
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