>Woman Gets Naked in Attempt to Avoid Arrest….


Julia E. Laack Mug Shot 2009
Julia E. Laack Mug Shot
Sheboygan (Wisconsin) Police Department
Police say a Wisconsin woman stripped when they tried to haul her in for shoplifting….. under the mistaken belief that a naked person can’t be arrested, according to the Sheboygan Press. Julia E. Laack, 36, is accused of stealing beef jerky and lighters at a convenience store. When police later came to her home to arrest her, she stripped, kicked, bit and even spit into the mouth of the female officer who tried to get her clothes back on… as her three children looked on. Here’s a tip: When getting arrested, keep your clothes on. The long arm of the law has cold hands.
src: weirdnews.about.com/
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