>The Naked Body of a Young Chinese Woman was Found Drowned in a Lap Pool

>Singapore – THE naked body of a young Chinese woman was found drowned in a lap pool of a bungalow in an exclusive residential estate in Sentosa Cove on Wednesday morning.

The body of Chinese national Ms Li Hong Yan, 24, was found by a maid who was cleaning the three-storey house along Ocean Drive at about 8.30am.

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Paramedics pronounced her dead at about 9.30am.
According to a report in Shin Min Daily, the deceased got to know the owner of the bungalow the night before at a party.
They allegedly spent the night together in the same room and Li was believed to have gone for a swim early in the morning.
Li’s motionless body was later found floating face-down in the villa’s pool by the maid.
Police found no injuries on her body,, and have classified the case as an unnatural death.
The Chinese evening daily also revealed that the owner of the bungalow is a 39-year-old Singaporean director of a property investment consultancy.
In the latest Straits Times report, the owner of the bungalow is revealed to be Mr. Adrian Chua Boon Chye, 39.
He is the founder and chief executive officer of Roundhill Capital, a real estate investment advisory firm, registered here under his residential address.
Mr. Chua is unmarried and is said to have lived at the three-storey house along Ocean Drive for over a year.
According to Lianhe Wanbao, he was frequently seen with pretty female companions.
Li reportedly worked as an assistant supervisor at a restaurant in Jurong.

src : http://www.asiaone.com

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