>Vietnamese girl raped, beaten and buried alive


[picture: Canh and Han pictured at the police station. Photo: VnExpress]

Two men were arrested January 18 for raping, brutally beating and burying a 21-year-old girl alive under sand in Ho Chi Minh City’s Binh Chanh district.

Tran Xuan Canh, 18, of Ben Tre province and To Thanh Han, 20 of Tra Vinh province confessed to being drunk and wanting to “get some fun” while they were in Binh Chanh’s Tan Tuc town.
After raping the victim, they robbed her money, ruthlessly knocked her unconscious and started to bury her alive.
They ran away halfway when a local saw them.
Local police are seeking charges of rape, robbery and attempted murder.
On January 17,, a local man was woken up in early morning by strange sounds and found out 2 shadows outside. Two people ran away when seeing him.
The man came closer and saw a naked girl with over half of body covered in sand. She was having very weak breaths.
She was rushed to hospital in time.
After recovery, A.T.N.M told police the two guys approached her and used dirty words to ask her out.
Rejected, they pushed her to an empty place and committed the crime.

bron: tuoitrenews.vn [20-1-2011]

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