>100 Women Get Naked In The Name Of Autism


100 women get naked in the name of Autism
A child or adult diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder will have challenges in the same 3 developmental areas.
Autism is usually diagnosed in a child before they are 3 years old so when your child is born you don’t know they are autistic because it does not have any physical symptoms. It is called the ‘autistic spectrum’ because you can be affected by these difficulties to various degrees from mild to severe.
The areas of difficulty are :
1. Communication
2. Social interaction and
3. Imagination
Which are sometimes called the ‘triad of impairments’.
My son who has just turned 4 in July has a form of Autism but he has not yet been diagnosed properly because there are so many types of it out there. My son has communication difficulties as he can not yet talk which does affect his social interaction with other children but this has not stopped him starting mainstream school this September and all the children are really nice to him which is great and with his one to one support I know he will develop at his own pace but alongside other children his age that except him for who he is.
The Autistic spectrum is very broad. You may meet a person with Downs syndrome with autistic tendencies or a grown man or woman with a family who only received a diagnosis in their adult life. You can be mildly or severely affected by all of the areas described in the triad, or have more difficulty in one area, and less in others. Therefore every person on the autistic spectrum is unique with their own very specific challenges abilities and gifts.

The amount of people diagnosed with autism has in the last 20 years gone up from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 150. That is a huge increase and it’s prompted a debate and extensive research to determine why there is such a dramatic increase in such a short length of time. Some say it is down to doctors being better able to make a diagnosis.
There is of course the MMR debate and some say that there is a clear link between diet and nutrition and the increased serge of autism. Others say there is a Genetic link..
Here is one story about a delightful little girl called Rosie who is just 5 years old and is affected by severe autism requiring a one-to-one, intensive education program that’s specially designed for her needs.
This of course costs money, and her family and friends have been fundraising in a variety of spectacular ways.
To raise money for Rosie a campaign was launched to get 100 women to pose naked in a field forming the word AUTISM for the front cover of the calendar. By the end of the first week they had 78 women signed up.
They have had 3,000 calendars printed, and if they sell all of them they will raise £26,000 for Rosie, and there fundraising burden will be lifted for nearly 2 years.

source : http://www.product-reviews.net

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