Bai Ling Half Naked in Public

bai ling picture

Photos of Chinese born American resident actress Bai Ling can be found everywhere on the internet, especially after recently deciding to pose nude for Playboy magazine. We’ve been noticing that just about every outfit that Bai Ling wears is either exceptionally weird and ugly or carelessly (intentionally) reveals her 1/2-cup boobs (are they really that sexy?) and nipples.
Most people have no doubt wondered, at one time or another, what this woman is really like…A popular western blogger even wrote on his site, “My suspicion is that the actual Bai Ling has been abducted by aliens and replaced with a clone.” Oh my god, what a conclusion! The bastardly has also got a score of entries about this unpredictable CBA (Chinese born American) together with her really ugly semi nude/naked photos. We will not blame anybody for showing only her whoring side, the truth is, she hasn’t given people the chance to see her beauty, if it exists!

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