'Man Sucks Drunk Woman’s Breast On Public Shanghai Street'

Screen captures of a video showing a drunk man and woman engaging in sexual acts in public in Shanghai.

Shanghai drunk couple perform “live sex show” in public, passersby watch and take photos

Summary: April 30th, at the entrance to a certain shop on Tianlin Road in Shanghai [Xuhui District], a male-female pair engaged in indecent physical contact, attracting the attention and cameras of many city residents. The two people were subsequently taken away by police. According to the police, the pair reeked of alcohol, and the two claimed they were lovers, and the police confirmed that the two indeed knew each other.


Indifferent passersby and netizens seeking amusement caused the situation to get out of control

After this indecent video clip began circulating wildly online, there were netizens who claimed to be witnesses to the incident posting more information on discussion forums saying that initially the two people looked like lovers who stopped to take a rest, and were occasionally intimate but well within normal appropriate behavior.

But, not long after, the male initiated physical contact with the female, and the female appeared to have lost consciousness, allowing the male to have his way with her. There were also netizens who speculated that the pair may have taken drugs.

One netizen says from the moment the two appeared on the scene until when they were taken away by the police, over ten minutes had passed. A shop assistant in a neighboring gift shop told this reporter that there were passersby who continuously stopped to look, and the number of people who were watching increased as the two people escalated in their actions, with many amongst them taking out their mobile phones to take pictures. Had a manager of a clothing shop at the scene not called the police, it is hard to say what would have happened with the couple.

On the internet, one netizen sighed, “why is it that upon discovering this pair engaging in inappropriate behavior in broad daylight, no passersby immediately went forth to ask questions or stop them?” This Eastday reporter discovered on microblogs, discussion forums, and other online communities that the majority were netizens wildly spreading [the news], amusing themselves by poking fun, and various speculations.

In Shanghai, a man sucks on the naked breast of a woman in broad daylight on a public street.


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