Andrew Emerson And Victoria Schattauer Fired Over Party Photo Scandal

Victoria Schattauer and Andrew Emerson Fired Over Party Scandal









Andrew Emerson, a 19 year old assistant coach, and Victoria Schattauer, a 19 year old freshman cheerleader coach, both working at Goshen High School were fired. These two school employees were fired because of naked photo scandal about Schattauer and a 15-year-old freshman cheerleader at the school. .

Emerson hosted a party at his home, and Schattauer allegedly supplied alcohol to the 15-year-old freshman cheerleader at the party. Schattauer and the cheerleader photographed together topless at the football coach’s house.

According to TNL, the photo was leaked and circulating around via email.

Victoria Schattauer is going to be in a lot of hot water because of this scandal. Her job probably isn’t that big of deal to her just because she probably wasn’t even being paid since it was just the freshman cheerleader squad she coached. If there happen to be any legal implications because of this, she may even serve some jail time and have the incident on her record. No further details have been released at this point in time as the investigation has just begun.

FOX reported the cheerleader, and the freshman, could face disciplinary action in accordance with her school’s code of conduct.

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