Woman Seen Sunbathing Naked, Suspected of Being Prostitute – Seorang Wanita Berjemur Telanjang di Apartemen

Seorang wanita yang diduga seorang pelacur setiap pagi berjemur telanjang di jendela apartemennya, terkadang berjemur dengan kaki mengangkang terbuka memamerkan kemaluannya dengan jendela terbuka lebar di depan beberapa apartemen atau kantor-kentor yang berhadapan dengan kamarnya.

As an ordinary everyday pervert, I’ve indeed never seen anything big, but just as I stopped to look out the window, I was stupefied by what I saw. A woman, who appears to be a ** [prostitute], welcoming the sun indoors [sunbathing], but what more, showing off her privates towards several hundred offices! At that moment, I became determined to watch her actions every day, and write a diary for her. 2011 April 8th, clear [weather/skies].

[The diary entries that accompanied each of the pictures were not particularly interesting although they express suspicions that the woman is a prostitute and engages in threesomes.]

A Chinese woman photographed with a man on her bed from another building.

A Chinese netizen uploads photographs of a woman living in the opposite building who regularly exposes herself in broad daylight.

Two Chinese women and a male playing cards on a bed.

The curtains are pulled closed.

The curtains partially closed.

A woman on a bed.

A Chinese woman who is regularly seen naked through her apartment window.

A Chinese man and woman as seen through an apartment window.

Photographs taken of a woman who regularly sunbathes naked.

Curtains closed.

source : http://www.chinasmack.com

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