Woman Stripped Naked in the Street for Getting Hit by a Car

Awoman stripped naked in the street at Dongguan, Guangzhou.

A middle aged woman was riding a bicycle on the street at Dongguan, Guangzhou one afternoon when she was knocked by a car.  It was suspected that she was unsuccessful in getting compensation which led her stripping herself naked, and stood in the middle of the road to stop the car that knocked her.

The incident happened in front of Guancheng East Gate Plaza.  The naked plump woman stripped naked in the middle of the road leaving only accessories on the neck and hands.  Witnesses heard the woman said that if she was not compensated, she would not leave.  This caused traffic jam, and police tried to force her away but the attempt was failed due to heavy weight of the woman.  There were four cars hit each other when their attention was diverted to the lady due to curiosity.  The plump woman was persuaded by the police to leave the scene eventually. (src : cinapig.com)

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