Chinese Student in Singapore expelled for washing cars topless

The members were just asked to look at, cannot to do anything else.

A 19-year-old female Chinese national student in Singapore was expelled from her college after topless photos of her participating in a car wash event were found on the Internet, according to a report by Lianhe Zaobao.

Four young women washed cars topless at an event in Singapore that eventually got one of them expelled from her college.

On September 27, Motoring Exchange, an auto website in Singapore, invited 20 members and their friends to attend a car wash event, in which four young women wore only their bikini bottoms and heels while they washed cars. The organizer posted pictures of the event on a member-only website afterwards.

One of the car washing models, a19-year-old Chinese student named Angela was recognized by her classmates in the photo. According to a report on, an anonymous letter was also submitted to her college in Singapore and resulted her expel from the college.

Young women, who were paid about S$1,400 (6,836 yuan) each, wore only their bikini bottoms and high heels while washing cars.

Angela said she went abroad after the event, and only found the photos when she returned to her college in Singapore. She admitted that the photos were of her, but claimed the events that unfolded were different from what the organizer had told her. “I didn’t tell it to my parents… I asked my school for forgiveness….I was going to graduate in two months. I never thought it would become like this.”

A spokesman of the college said that Angela had violated the rules of ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority) and the college, but refused to elaborate. Only students from certain schools in Singapore were allowed to work, but Angela’s college was not included in the list.

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