Naked girl dancing naked featuring her private parts in public

(Girl undressing)

Naked girl,dancing naked featuring her private parts in public!!!

The hot summer suddenly became cooling yesterday at The Urban Council Centenary Garden which was always crowded with tourist. A very open-minded and beautiful looking “babe” with long legs and hair was seen stripping her clothes at the water fountain to cool herself infront of many passer-bys. It just took less than 5 minutes for her to strip herself to be completely naked, YES! NAKED! 3 points, with naked chest areas and private parts!(calm on and you will feel disgusted) After the girl stripped,she played in the water by sitting down on the pool and sun bathed herself. The seductive movement lasted for more than 10 minutes. The male onlookers were very open minded to join in the fun too! most of them took out their cellphones to take pictures and record a video of the whole unbelieveable incident.

(Screaming – maybe she was too comfortable)

Because many people were already crowded near her and taking videos,the police have to come because many other female onlookers felt disturbed. Female Police constables arrived moments later,and have gave dry towels to the girl. The girl later went away after being sent to the hospital. She was not being arrested or detained by the police. (Because HK is a place where there is freedom of speech and actions)

The incident happened at about 2PM in the noon. A girl with full and decent clothes was at the water fountain of The Urban Council Centenary Garden. The girl first went into the water fountain to feel the water and wet her body. Initially,passer-bys thought that the girl was cooling herself because of the hot weather,but their thoughts were wrong………

(Enjoying water splashing on her body)

Just a few moments,the girl started to caress herself. She stood up and removed her top clothing,and then sat down and remove her shorts and socks. She then removed her bra and panties infront of many on lookers. The girl later stood up again and moved around the platform of the large fountain,she was screaming when doing that. The girl have also sat on the ground,laid on the floor,rolled her body,laughed to nobody and did balancing acts on the fountain.

OMG she is naked

Onlookers thought that the girl was making some porn movies from a film company. Most were stupefied when they saw what the crazy woman has done. Some onlookers took out their cellphones to record the incident,while other female onlookers scream “oh my god”. Other comments include “What is this crazy woman doing” “Wow, she is talking to herself?!” “What is she trying to do?!” And of course,f emales witnesses felt shamed and disgusted, the police were being called in the end. At first it was male police that arrived to the scene,but they dare not get themselves involved in this sensative situation,so they asked for female reinforcements. The female police arrived and spoke to the woman,they have brought dry towels with them to cover her body. The ambulance was also called to send the girl to the hospital.

After investigations,we have know that the girl was surnamed Lo . Lo was recently hurt by love.

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