Three Women Paraded Naked in Public


Three women paraded naked on busy streets of Phol-nagar in Lahore, for alleged prostitution. It is another shameful act carried out in Punjab; world has not yet forgotten famous Mukhtara Mai case.

BBC report says, police reached on the spot, arrested three naked women and charged them for prostitution. Police Officer informed BBC that these women are in lock up but they have been provided dresses to cover their bodies.

BBC future mentions that parading women in public is an extreme criminal offense and penalty is death or capital punishment.

One of the witness Mohd Bota, informed BBC that three women were dragged on Multan Road, stripped off and forced them to accept alleged prostitution in front of a video camera.

Story further reveals, a mob attacked house of Ms Shahnaz alias Serajo, she wasn’t there but mob found three women. Crowd entered the house, destroyed and looted everything.

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