100 Girls Naked Run

by Nicole Harmon

Norway, one of the coldest countries in the world. Some people are not scared of the cold at all. There has been reports that over 100 girls will run a mile in the center of the capital on February, 24 2011 to celebrate 10 days since Valentine’s Day.

 The idea was born after two college girls were at a party and decided that they wanted to run a mile naked. This kind of reminds me of the movie the naked mile, but who knows maybe the ladies did actually come up with the idea.

Since the party the girls have made a Facebook event where they have 100 girls who have said that they will participate in the naked mile run.

Many people have decided that this should become a tradition in Norway, but the local government does not want to approve the proposition.

The numbers of the naked girls is expected  to increase. However, if it does not reach 200 girls by the due date, the event will not occur. The point is the organizers and the people who run in the mile do not want to be arrested for the this act of stupidity.

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