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>The shocking image that lays bare Haiti‚Äôs torment: Desperate and naked woman collapses on cholera stricken streets

> Neighbouring Dominican Republic confirms first case of cholera Naked and destitute, she lies curled on one side, arms pulled protectively to her chest. But despite appearing the manifestation of human misery, no-one stops to even give her a second … Continue reading

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>Nasib Perempuan Palestina, Ditelanjangi, Di Foto,Lalu Dilecehkan di Youtube

> #feature-wrapper, #carousel_control, #featured_posts { display: none; padding: 0pt; margin: 0pt; }.post { margin: 0pt 0pt 15px; padding: 15px; background: url(“”) repeat-x scroll left top rgb(255, 255, 255) ! important; border: 2px solid rgb(234, 234, 234); }.post-body { padding-bottom: 10px; … Continue reading

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