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>Dangdut Mesum, Keberanian Para Artis Penyanyi Dangdut Indonesia

>     Kalau para artis dangdut aksi panggungnya kaya gini, tidak salah kalau banyak orang sinis sama jenis musk yang satu ini, walupun ada juga lagu dangdut yang bertema baik. Jangan salahkan musiknya tapi salahkan penyanyinya. Bagaimana mungkin sebuah … Continue reading

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>Awesome and Realistic Guitar Faces Emotion (25 pics)…

> When musicians (guitarists, bassists or drummers) deep into a song they are playing on stage, they start really feeling it. That’s when they make “guitar faces”, being at the peak of their game. Inside this post, you will see … Continue reading

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>Eddie Van Halen – Autobiography

> VAN HALEN, EDDIE [1955] Eddie Van Halen is generally considered to be, second only to Jimmie Hendrix, one of the most influential, original and talented rock guitarists of the twentieth century. Van Halen was born Edward Lodewijk Van Halen … Continue reading

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>Naked crowd surfing rocks music festivals

>   G4S events, which is due to patrol the V Festival have warned… …Surfers to “keep a tight hold of their clothes lest they lose… Photo: PA …their modesty in front of thousands of strangers” Photo: PA Hundreds of … Continue reading

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>Top 10 Konser Terbesar Sepanjang Sejarah di Dunia

> Rod Stewart at Copacabana Beach [3,500,000] Jean-Michel Jarre Paris La Defense – Une Ville En Concert [2,500,000] Monsters Of Rock festival, Moscow [1,600,000+] Peace without Border Concert, (2nd edition) Havana sep 20, 2009 [1,500,000] Rolling Stones Feb 2006 at … Continue reading

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> Satu bukti lagi bahwa negara kita ini ternyata sangat terkenal, bahkan sangat terkenalnya sampai-sampai sebuah grup Band asal Rusia memakai nama Indonesia pada Grup Bandnya. Indonesia – band ini didirikan di St-Petersburg di musim gugur 2007. Tujuan utama adalah … Continue reading

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>Sholat Berjamaah Di Tengah – Tengah Konser Metal

> #feature-wrapper, #carousel_control, #featured_posts { display: none; padding: 0pt; margin: 0pt; }.post { margin: 0pt 0pt 15px; padding: 15px; background: url(“”) repeat-x scroll left top rgb(255, 255, 255) ! important; border: 2px solid rgb(234, 234, 234); }.post-body { padding-bottom: 10px; … Continue reading

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